I'm kat and i love cats i am a cat look at these cats

Sand Cats Edit


I love these cats you see thses cats they look sad but they are awesome these cats are called Sand cats and they come from the places withsand like northern africa and the middle east i love these cats they are small and awesome !

Pallas Cats (Manuls) Edit

Tumblr n8f6yunk0a1rq4uvro1 500
Tumblr inline n861j32EhW1sdg0od
Tumblr inline n8f74cSfS01r7k951

Damn ! holy shit! look at them fukcing go!! oh my god!! These cats are better than humans. How do i move the pictures help

Little gray cat Edit

Tumblr nc4a6hq7TU1ti36jbo1 500

holy shit

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